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Kenyans Touched by A Photo Of A woman Hawker Sleeping Outside Naivas Supermarket 

Kenyans Touched by A Photo Of A woman Hawker Sleeping Outside Naivas Supermarket



  • A photo of a woman sleeping on the pavement outside a supermarket at 2 am sparked sympathy and concern among netizens
  • Kenyans expressed their desire to help the woman, calling for support and sharing their own experiences of the hardships caused by the escalating cost of living
  • The incident highlighted the challenges faced by many Kenyans, including homelessness and the need to work long hours to make ends meet in challenging economic conditions 

Granted, hawking is not an easy job, but with opportunities dwindling by the day, it remains one way through which Kenyans can make a living.

Mama Njeri.
Mama Njeri who was sleeping on the pavement near Naivas , Development House. Photos: Derrick Mbugua. Source: Facebook

Mama Njeri sleeps in town everyday

The escalating cost of living makes people want to stretch their working time so that they get more money to meet their needs.

So when netizens saw a woman sleeping on the pavement, outside Naivas Supermarket at Development House at 2 am they related and sympathised with her.

Philanthropist Derrick Mbugua who shared the photo said: “Mungu nibariki nikipata mama ama mzazi kama huyu anajituma hivi nakuwa wa baraka kwake. Outside Development house Nairobi time 2:57 am,” he said.

The lady told Mbugua that her name is Mama Njeri and she sells from town every day.

“When I leave here, I go to do other jobs. Tunaambiwa ata kwa church the more tunakaa the more life inakua ngumu,” she said.

“Kama sisi ni masingle mums na watoto wanasoma secondary utafanya nini?” said the single mum of three who has done the job for seven years.

Mama Njeri’s oldest child helps her to sell, another daughter schools at Njiru Secondary School while her last born is in Grade 1.

Below are sentiments from Kenyans:

Irene Cheptap Oret Age:

“Hii si kujituma,she needs help.”

Selem T. Lelmengit:

“Please share her contacts so that we can atleast assist her…lets have a mini harambee good people!”

Wendy David’s:

“Woi Jehovah..I don’t know if I can fall asleep again after seeing this .. remember this woman Ebenezer.”

Timothy Indeche:

“Maisha imekua ngumu ajab.”

Solomon Krop:

“This is homelessness. What many are facing in Nairobi. People sleep under bridges, sewerage lines, verandas and many others.”

Juddy Onyango

“Waeza fikiri ni kujituma kumbe mtu hana place ya kuishi”

Susan Ngigi:

“Wooi, Mama Mboga! When do you people rest aki? Kuna mwenye tulikuta akisinzia sokoni Kawangware na huku ameketi kwenye kiti kidogo katikati ya matope. Nyanya zake ambazo alikuwa ametandaza kwa magunia mbele yake hata hakuwa akizichunga. She told us that she wakes up every morning at 2:00 a.m so as to catch the delivery lorry on time and load her wares to various markets in which she has booked a spot on every particular day. I just cried.”

2 hawkers suddenly stop on road, remain still for long time

In another story, two women were hawking shoes and clothes in Tanzania when they

They looked in one direction without uttering a word before contacting police officers, who took them away.

Confirming the incident, the Njombe region police commander said they took them to the hospital but got no assistance.


suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

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