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Kabogo reacts to a post that Ruto’s Government cant account for expensive loans taken

Kabogo reacts to a post that Ruto’s Government for expensive loans taken



Former governor Hon William Kabogo has reacted to a post that president William Ruto’s government cannot account for Ksh 1.13 trillion of expensive loans taken over 11-and-a-half years up to 2021, with the Auditor-General noting that these loans were used illegally for recurrent expenditures instead of development projects.

“I’m not a witch doctor neither am I a prophet but for sure people will go to Kamiti maximum prison at some point maybe sooner than later. The correctional facilities will have very important guests”. Said Hon. William Kabogo former governor.

According to reports the audit reviewed 39 commercial loans valued at Ksh 1.36 trillion, borrowed between July 2010 and December 2021 and found that 26 of these loans were taken without obtaining the required legal opinion from the Attorney-General.

It’s now a matter of wait and see what happens in the coming days if his prediction will come to pass or not.

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