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Tracking the Reported Night Events of Githurai 45

LIVE BLOG: Tracking the Reported Night Events of Githurai 45

9.50 AM: Githurai OB Report Indicates 740 Rounds of Ammunition Used, Details Number of Injuries 

A police report filed at the Githurai Mwiki Police Station at 21.15hrs indicates that at around 10 pm the anti-finance bill protests turned chaotic. This forced police from the Githurai and Kasarani sub-counties to respond.

About 6,000 Kenyans were accused of being violent and lighting bonfires on the road and refused the police officers’ request to disperse. Police tried to use tear gas canisters to scatter the crowd but to no avail.

Following the altercation between police officers and the protesters, vehicles were destroyed, road infrastructure was damaged and 20 police officers were injured.

“During the demonstration 740, 7.62MM black CMM 7.62MM special and 18 rounds of 5.56*45MM were spent also 700 pieces of teargas canisters and 258 pieces of 37/38 teargas were used to disperse the violent rioters CMM the situation had been calmed and all the three stations guarded. Case PUI, DCI Githurai dealing,” read part of the OB.

On Tuesday night June 25, Kenyans aired their concerns about an alleged shootout in Githurai 45, Kiambu County over the anti-finance bill protests.

According to reports and videos going viral online, there was heavy gunfire in the area along the Thika Highway and several people were reported dead.

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke the OCS Githurai Mwiki Nelson Omolo on Wednesday refuted the claims adding that at the alleged time, the military was going back to the barracks at Kahawa.

He added that he had yet to receive any reports of the said shootout from any of the local residents.

“I am the best person to ask about this and so far I have not received any reports on the said shooting, it was just the military heading to the barracks,” he added.

Kenyans.co.ke also reached out to OCS Githurai 44 for comments on the said shootout but did not receive any response.

However, according to some tenants who live near Githurai 45, there was intense gunfire from around 8 pm. One of the residents claimed that protestors had blocked the highway forcing police officers to take action.

The residents’ claims are backed by photos showing some victims with gunshot wounds being treated at various hospitals.

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