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Dont beat them” Nyahururu priests tell President Ruto

”Dont beat them” Nyahururu priests tell President Ruto



This morning, during a church service at Nyahururu ACK attended by President William Ruto, the presiding priest delivered a poignant message urging the president to listen to the young generation protesting against the current finance bill. The priest’s sermon struck a chord with the youth in attendance, drawing cheers and applause.

Using a vivid analogy, the priest compared the protesting youths to a swarm of bees displaced from their hive. He explained that such bees, searching for a new place to land, cannot be pacified with force. Throwing stones at them would only make them angrier and more harmful. Instead, the traditional approach was to sing soothing songs to the bees, persuading them to return to their hive peacefully, allowing them to continue producing honey for the community.

In his analogy, the bees represented the Gen Zs voicing their dissatisfaction and demanding their rights through protests. The priest cautioned the government against using excessive force to suppress these demonstrations. Just like the bees, the more force is used against the youth, the more dangerous and disruptive they could become. He urged the government to find a more constructive approach to address the concerns of the young population, emphasizing the need for dialogue and understanding.

“Kuna nyuki zimetoka kwa mzinga. Rais hizo nyuki hazipigwi mawe, zinafaa kuimbiwa zirudi kwa mzinga!”~Nyahururu priest tells Ruto face to face.

The priest’s message resonated deeply with the youths present, who responded with enthusiastic cheers, reflecting their agreement and appreciation of his support. His call for the government to engage with the young protesters constructively highlighted the growing frustration among the youth and the need for a compassionate and thoughtful response from the authorities

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