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New Twist As Man Behind Fake Fertelizer Speaks , Implicates KEBS In The Scandal

New Twist As Man Behind Fake Fertelizer Speaks , Implicates KEBS In The Scandal


Latest reports indicates that the fake fertilizers scandal has taken a new twist as man behind it speaks.

Speaking via a report covered by TV 47, Josiah Kariuki who is the managing director of EAL chemical noted that he has been selling the fertilizers for the past two years and non of the farmers complained.

According to his statement, Kariuki claims the fake fertilizers is a result of trade wars where the government might be targeting him.

His lawyers however noted that he’s complying with the relevant authorities including Directorate of Criminal Investigations and police officers over the matter which has sparked controversy.

However speaking, he noted that he has been having problems with KEBS over loading of organic. Despite loading organic silk, he noted that KEBS only loads organic.


“‘FAKE’ FERTILIZER PROBE:DCI summons a man allegedly behind fake fertilizer.Josiah Kariuki claims the scandal is a result of trade wars.His lawyers say he is complying with the police”, report intimates.

This comes after Azimio la Umoja one Kenya Coalition’s leaders called on a probe into the matter to unearth the person behind it accusing the government of playing kenyans especially farmers.

Meanwhile, let us wait and see what happens next. Remember to Follow, Share and leave your opinion in the comment section below to stay updated on our news. Thank you for reading.

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