While many dream of being wealthy, few do the work to get there. The allure of financial comfort and security is universal, yet there seems to be resistance between the desire for wealth and the actions required to get there.

Despite living in a world filled with information about wealth-building strategies, from investment to entrepreneurship, few take tangible steps towards these goals. To bridge the gap, one must shift from merely wishing for wealth to actively pursuing financial knowledge and making informed decisions that pave the path to prosperity.

Here are seven proven steps to get you wealthy in five years:

1. Build your financial literacy skills

Before you can even think about building your wealth, you need to build financial literacy skills. Start with the basics of budgeting and work your way up to more complex topics such as investing and entrepreneurship.

There are accessible methods to ease into the world of finance. Start by reading books written by financial experts. Enroll in online courses that offer structured learning paths, from basic budgeting techniques to sophisticated investment strategies. And leverage the power of video content by watching tutorials, which often present intricate financial concepts in digestible, visual formats.

Financial literacy is not a destination, but a lifelong learning process. Make it a habit to read financial news regularly and to keep abreast of new trends and developments.

2. Take control of your finances

Financial control is taking your destiny by the reins. It involves assessing your current financial situation and making the necessary adjustments to take you where you want to go.

You can track your spending and know where your money goes each month. Minimizing debt, especially high interest debt, and work on paying off credit cards and stop borrowing money. Build an emergency fund to avoid going into debt in case of an emergency.

Taking control sometimes means making tough choices, like cutting out luxuries or switching to more frugal living. While these decisions may seem restrictive, they are liberating in the long run, clearing the path for your financial growth.

3. Get in the wealthy mindset

Your thinking patterns can affect your financial habits dramatically. Adopting a wealthy mindset is key to attracting and maintaining wealth.

Consider visualizing your financial goals. This helps maintain focus and motivation to building your wealth. Being thankful for what you have can shift your focus from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. And learn from setbacks, because viewing them as lessons will serve your financial growth

It’s not about positive thinking leading to sudden wealth; it’s about cultivating a positive attitude that supports your consistent efforts.

4. Create a budget and live within your means

Some may find ‘budget’ a daunting word that spells out restrictions. In reality, a budget is simply a way to ensure your needs are met and that each dollar follows a purpose toward your financial goals.

Make your budget work for you and prioritize your savings. Treat your savings as the most important bill you pay every month, and contribute to it before any other non-essential spending. Use the 50/30/20 rule where you allocate 50 percent of your income to needs, 30 percent to wants, and 20 percent to savings and debt repayment. Don’t forget to revisit and adjust.

Living within your means doesn’t mean you must deprive yourself. It simply means spending responsibly and understanding the true value of money.

Step 5: Save to invest

Saving money alone won’t lead to wealth – it’s what you do with those savings that counts.

Consider investing in stocks that can yield significant returns over time. Learn about the market or consult with an expert for financial advice. If you can manage the upfront cost, real estate can be a very lucrative investment. Starting or investing in a business can provide a steady income and the potential for high returns.

Investments bear risks, and it’s important to be well-informed before taking the plunge. Diversify your investments, start small, and be prepared to leave your money untouched for a period of time.

6. Create multiple income sources

Relying on a single income stream is a precarious position, leaving you vulnerable to job loss or market shifts. By cultivating multiple sources of income, you ensure greater stability and more opportunities for growth.

Start a side hustle to help diversify your income, invest in stocks and real estate and consider peer-to-peer lending, index funds, or retirement accounts. Think about sources such as royalties, affiliate marketing, or renting out a property.

Remember to channel these additional earnings wisely. Ensure they align with your long-term financial strategy and avoid the trap of lifestyle inflation.

7. Surround yourself with other wealthy people

The saying “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” holds true in the world of finance. Surrounding yourself with people who have achieved the level of wealth you aspire to can be incredibly motivating and educational.

Connect with financially savvy people by joining networking groups, find a mentor or engage in online communities. This isn’t about sponging off of others’ success. It’s about creating an environment where the principles and behaviors of the financially successful become the norm.

The bottom line is that becoming wealthy in five years is an ambitious goal, and it will require hard work, discipline, and dedication. It’s crucial to remember that wealth is not just about amassing money; it’s the ability to live life on your terms, to have choices, and to allow your financial security to fuel your personal fulfillment. Start by laying the foundation today.