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Bad News To President Ruto As Okiya Omtatah moves to court Again


Bad News To President Ruto As Okiya Omtatah moves to court Again


The Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah has moved to court once again to challenge President William Ruto’s affordable housing agenda. The senator for Busia has termed the housing agenda illegal, unconstitutional for it’s largely discriminatory. He is firm that, the country must make real progress on matters development but again, the people of Kenya must never be pushed to a corner over taxes.

Okiya Omtatah is confident that, President William Ruto is making some of his policies against Kenyans deliberately and they are illegal in nature. It’s however a matter of wait and see of what unfolds going into the future given the prevailing political circumstances in the country.

Okiya Omtatah has warned those who are pushing the agenda of affordable housing that, they will not succeed in court for he is ready and fully armed with the truth. Kenyans are however waiting to see of what happens going forward for President Ruto has made it known that, his agenda in afford to housing is unstoppable.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/citizentvkenya/status/1772695016395133413?t=g-toosgE10qibxgs72riGQ&s=19

Okiya Omtatah has urged Kenyans to support hks course against the ruthless government for it’s not easy. He is firm that the government has threatened his life and the president personally threatened to deal with him if he doesn’t listen and stop court cases.

President Ruto signed the bill on affordable housing into law recently after a long battle in court. The president has warned those fighting him that, they will not succeed despite their efforts to push through a useless, unnecessary efforts to stop government programmes

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