Reasons why Ruto wants Raila To Be Au Chairman. 


Reasons why Ruto wants Raila To Be Au Chairman.


President William Ruto has openly endorsed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the position of the next chairperson of the African Union Commission (AU).

Ruto’s endorsement comes with a clear explanation of the reasons behind his support for Odinga’s candidacy.

One significant factor highlighted by Ruto is Odinga’s Kenyan nationality.

According to Ruto, having a Kenyan leader at the helm of the AU Commission would not only benefit Kenya but also the entire African continent

Furthermore, Ruto points out the backing of East African Community (EAC) leaders for Odinga’s candidature.

This regional support demonstrates solidarity among neighboring nations and signifies a collective effort to rally behind Odinga’s bid for the AU Commission chairmanship.

Additionally, Ruto expresses confidence in Odinga’s capacity and suitability for the role.

He believes that Odinga possesses the necessary abilities to effectively handle the affairs of the AU Commission office, citing his experience and leadership qualities.

Ruto also recalls Kenya’s past efforts to secure international positions, highlighting the importance of presenting a strong candidate for the AU Commission chairmanship.

Despite previous attempts, Kenya fell short of securing the position, but Ruto sees Odinga’s candidacy as another opportunity for the country to assert its presence and influence on the continental stage.

Importantly, Ruto emphasizes that the endorsement of Odinga should not be viewed through a political lens.

Instead, he urges all Kenyans to support Odinga’s candidacy regardless of political affiliations. Ruto stresses the importance of national unity in advancing Kenya’s interests on the international stage, emphasizing that Odinga’s candidacy represents a collective effort to promote Kenya’s role in Africa’s leadership.

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