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Director Trevor revealed that he and Eve Mungai broke up long ago , says She wont get money from you tube channel

Director Trevor revealed that he and Eve Mungai broke up long ago , says She wont get money from you tube channel. 



  • Director Trevor revealed that he and Eve Mungai broke up in February 2023 and kept it a secret as they were still working together
  • The content creator who shocked fans after announcing he had fired Eve from hosting videos on his YouTube channel said she was only the face of the brand
  • Trevor disclosed that he and Eve were on good terms, talk and work together, but would not get a single penny from videos on the channel 

Director Trevor has revealed that he and Eve Mungai broke up a year ago, not recently as many think.

Eve Mungai and Trevor.
Director Trevor and Eve Mungai served couple goals for the three years they were together before breakup. Photo: Director_Trevor, Eve Mungai. Source: Instagram

Why Trevor and Eve Mungai parted ways

On February 19, Trevor shocked many after confirming his break up with Eve and the end of their collaboration on various online platforms.

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The duo, who had been dating for years, created a huge fan base on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with their entertaining and informative videos on lifestyle, fashion, comedy, and social issues.

However, Trevor revealed that he was taking full control of their main YouTube channel, which had over 750,000 subscribers, and rebranding it as Kenya Online Media.

He also stated that he had parted ways with Mungai and that he no longer required her services.

“Her services are no longer needed,” he wrote.

He further announced that he had removed Mungai Eve from managing their other online platforms, such as the Insta Fame YouTube channel, with over 100,000 subscribers, and a Facebook page, with over 847,000 followers.

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Trevor talks about relationship with Eve Mungai

Speaking to TUKO.co.ke Trevor revealed that they broke up in February 2023, denying that he took away Eve’s channel.

“We broke up in February 2023. We remained friends and business partners until when she said she did not want to work with this brand anymore. Because she is the one who said she did not want to work with us, I had to take what belongs to me,” he said.

He revealed that she would not get a single penny from videos on the channel.

“The whole brand was mine. Eve was only the face of the brand. She is not part of the brand. I am hiring new employees and Eve won’t be affiliated to that brand in any way and won’t get any money from it,” he said.

Director Trevor and Eve Mungai.
Director Trevor and Eve Mungai during their happy days Photo: Eve Mungai. Source: Instagram

Trevor said the content and videos created by Eve wwouldnot be deleted, maintaining she was only an employee on the channel.

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Trevor revealed that after their breakup in 2023, he left Eve in the Kileleshwa house they bought together.

“Nilitoka tuu nikaanza life yangu. Nilimuachia hio nyumba (I left and started my life. I left that house to her) I went to stay in our Airbnb,” he said.

Trevor said that there was no bad blood between them.

“We talk. I can call her, and she can call me. If I need a contact I know she is the only one who has, I ask her and vice versa,” he said.

Trevor denies Eve Mungai is pregnant

In a past interview with kenyandailyupdates.com in September 2023, when asked about when he was planning to marry Eve, Trevor said he was looking for money first before he married her.

“Nadai kuomoka kwanza na mahari lazima ikuwe millions (I’m looking for money first, and her dowry would be millions).”

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He also denied rumours Eve was pregnant, denying rumours they had parted ways.

“She has a stomach condition (H pylori), and she goes to hospital for endoscopy,” he said.

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