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US government has sent gratitude to Kenya After court ruled Against police deployment to haiti. 

US government has sent gratitude to Kenya After court ruled Against police deployment to haiti.



Following the High Court’s ruling to prohibit police deployment to Haiti, the US government has sent gratitude to Kenya.

In a powerful statement delivered by US National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby, Kenya was commended for its altruistic efforts in contributing to the restoration of peace in the war- torn Caribbean nation.

In a landmark announcement, Kirby conveyed the United States’ appreciation for Kenya’ s exemplary willingness to participate in the Haiti Mission.

Despite the High Court ruling by Justice Chacha Mwita, deeming police deployment to Haiti unconstitutional, the United States emphasized the importance of continued police involvement in restoring calm to the troubled nation.

United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres echoed this sentiment, stressing the imperative need for police officers to be deployed to Haiti despite the court decision.

Guterres acknowledged Kenya’ s commitment to the mission and encouraged the ongoing collaboration for the greater cause of establishing lasting peace in Haiti.

The High Court’ s decision, delivered by Justice Chacha Mwita on Friday, deemed the deployment of police officers to Haiti unconstitutional. Justice Mwita emphasized that no state officer or State organ possessed the constitutional mandate and obligation to deploy police officers to Haiti or any other foreign nation.

As the international community navigates the complexities of maintaining global peace, the interaction between the United States, Kenya, and the United Nations underscores the intricate dynamics involved in addressing crises. The support from the United States acknowledges Kenya’ s dedication to humanitarian efforts, despite legal challenges at home.



In the face of this legal setback, Kenya’ s role in the Haiti Mission remains pivotal and the collaborative efforts with the United States and the United Nations highlight the global significance of fostering stability in regions affected by conflict.

The unfolding events underscore the delicate balance between national sovereignty and international intervention as nations work together towards a common goal of peace and security.

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