Meru MCA Proposes To Girlfriend In India . 

Meru MCA Proposes To Girlfriend In India .



Abogeta West MCA Dennis Kiogora who first proposed a motion to impeach Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is out of the market.

Kiagora flew his lover to India where he treated her to a romantic proposal at the Taj Mahal on Monday, December 25, 2023.

In snaps shared on Facebook, the MCA explained that he chose the location since it symbolizes eternal love. He said his girlfriend gifted him the best Christmas gift as she said ‘Yes’.

She said YES and gave me the best Christmas of my life! Many have been asking why we are going on holiday in India (Kenyans are majorly known for going to India for treatment) and this was why! 

THE TAJ MAHAL! An enduring symbol of Eternal Love that was built 400 years ago by Shah Jahan, in loving memory of his wife Muhtaza Mahal who died giving birth to their child. India is very beautiful and we like visiting places that are not popular with many people. Ká Tö, with you, I found my missing rib! We will build our monument for ages,” he wrote.

MCA Dennis Kiogora with his girlfriend in India. PHOTO/(denis.k.m1)/Facebook

The MCA joins the growing list of lawmakers publicising their romantic relationships on social media.

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