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Why You Should join These Top Ten Saccos In Kenya.

Why You Should join These Top Ten Saccos In Kenya.



Saccos play a pivotal role in Kenya’s economic landscape, serving as crucial pillars in fostering financial inclusion and empowering communities. These financial institutions have gained prominence due to their ability to provide accessible and affordable financial services to a diverse range of members, particularly those in rural and underserved areas.

The cooperative nature of Saccos encourages a collective approach to financial management, creating a foundation for sustainable development and improving the overall well-being of members. As key contributors to Kenya’s economic growth and social progress, Saccos stand as vital instruments in the pursuit of inclusive and equitable financial systems.

Here are 10 Saccos that you can consider being part of:

Are you a professional seeking a trusted financial partner to support your financial, personal, and professional growth? Or to secure your financial future and smartly grow your wealth! This is the Sacco for you.

Mhasibu Sacco Society Limited is the leading Non-Withdrawable Deposit Taking Sacco for all Professionals, regulated by SASRA with an asset base of over KES 9B and a membership of over 23,000 globally.

The SACCO has for the last 37 years provided members with opportunities to save for their future, grow their businesses, buy homes, educate their children, and access emergency funds.

What sets Mhasibu Sacco apart from other players? Business stability and sustainable growth, Attractive loan & savings products at favorable T&Cs. High borrowing capacity of up to 5X Deposits + Shares, with a maximum limit of up to 50M, Competitive rates of return on investments. A variety of acceptable loan collateral, Advanced use of technology on service and product offerings, and extended membership eligibility which include. , Registered Groups, and corporations Spouses and children of Members

Visit their website here for more information: https://www.mhasibusacco.com/

Stima DT Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited is a leading, country-wide, fast-growing, and licensed DTS (Deposit Taking Sacco) with an Asset Base of 42 billion shillings, Deposits of over 32 billion shillings, Loan Book of over 34 billion shillings, and membership of over 141,000.

The Kenya Police SACCO Limited is one of the oldest SACCOs in the Country. The SACCO was registered on 20th November 1972. Loans offered to members are as much as three times the members’ investment. The interest on loans from the Kenya Police SACCO is slightly high, and loans take 48 months.

Mwalimu Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Limited, often referred to as Mwalimu Sacco is an institutional Sacco, composed of the staff of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), TSC teachers in secondary and tertiary institutions, TSC teachers in elementary schools, the staff of Mwalimu National Sacco Limited and, the spouses of the above members.

Waumini Sacco is a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society registered in 1980 under the Co-operative Societies Act of the Laws of Kenya. The Sacco primarily mobilizes Savings and Deposits and extends Credit to its members thereby empowering them economically and socially.

Hazina Sacco Society Limited is a nationwide Deposit-taking Sacco established in 1971 and registered under the Co-operatives Societies Act (Cap 490) of the laws of Kenya. Its main objective is promoting thrift and savings amongst members thereby creating a source of loanable funds.

United Nations Sacco Society (UN SACCO) Limited is a credit union founded in 1975 to provide banking services to United Nations employees in Kenya. The Sacco is based in Nairobi and now has members worldwide.

Kenya Bankers Sacco was established in 1975 and has been providing Savings and Credit to Members for personal development. There are numerous benefits of being a member of Kenya Bankers Sacco including high returns on deposits, exciting partner discounts, and low interest rates on loans.

Imarika SACCO was started in 1974 by employees of the Teacher Service Commission in Kilifi. During its registration, Imarika SACCO had only 100 members. The SACCO has grown over time, and currently, it has over 37,000 members.

Harambee SACCO was started in 1970 by low-income earners and subordinate staff at the office of the president. Today, the SACCO commands an asset base of over Ksh.19 billion with a membership of over 80,000.

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