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Shock As A woman Jumps Into A River With Infant Twins

Shock As A woman Jumps Into A River With Infant Twins,



Residents of Mukulusu village in Shinyalu, Kakamega County were left in disbelief on Tuesday after a woman threw herself into a river together with her two-month-old twins.

Lustina Masitsa is reported to have jumped into the Isiukhu River while still holding her two babies.

Even though she was pulled out of the water alive, her children, a boy and a girl drowned.

Johnstone Shiraho one of the first people to arrive at the scene said they found Lustina clutching on a rock.

“Upon seeing her, one of us dived into the water and pulled her out,” Mr Shiraho said.

However, the infants were nowhere to be seen. They had been swept away by the raging waters.

“We are praying and hoping that the divers find the missing bodies,” Rose Ichechi, a relative said.

Lustina’s husband Kevin Modero said his wife who had travelled to her parents’ home in Shitaho village to attend a funeral was due back home in a week.

As you can see, I’m completely helpless. I don’t even have a single cent to give the divers,” said Mr Modero, while fighting back tears.

It is still unclear whether the woman wanted to take her life and those of her children.

“She was in a good mood when she left her parent’s home. We still can’t figure out what transpired thereafter,” Ms Lucy Atitai, a sister in law explained.

So far only one body has been recovered and taken to Kakamega County Referral Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem examination as search efforts for the remaining body continues.

Investigators are waiting for Lustina’s health to stabilise so that she can shed some light over the tragic incident.

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