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Prepare For Heavy rainfall If You Live In the following Counties

Prepare For Heavy rainfall If You Live In the following Counties.



The meteorological forecast paints a diverse picture of weather patterns across the nation. The forecast indicates anticipated rainfall over significant portions of the Western region, South-eastern lowlands, Lake Victoria Basin, Central highlands (including Nairobi region), and the Coastal region at the start of the week. Additionally, isolated storms and heavy rainfall are expected in specific areas of the Highlands East (Central Highlands) and the West of the Rift Valley, alongside the Lake Victoria Basin.

However, a notable contrast emerges towards the end of the forecast period, with sunny and dry conditions projected to dominate most regions. Despite this, a few areas in the North-eastern and North-western regions are likely to experience light to moderate rainfall during the specified timeframe.

Of particular concern is the prediction of strong easterly winds exceeding 25 knots (12.5 m/s) in Turkana County, highlighting potential challenges and emphasizing the need for precautionary measures in affected areas.

The forecast reveals the dynamic nature of Kenya’s climate, with varied conditions expected across different regions during the specified timeframe. Residents, farmers, and authorities are advised to stay informed and prepared for potential changes in weather patterns, ensuring a proactive response to both anticipated rainfall and the possibility of strong winds. As meteorological predictions guide the week ahead, the ability to adapt to these diverse weather scenarios will be crucial for communities across the country.

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