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 TSC New Guidelines On Posting of teachers to Junior Secondary Schools 

 TSC New Guidelines On Posting of teachers to Junior Secondary Schools 

TSC has noted that posting of the newly recruited teachers to Junior Secondary Schools will be guided by the Learning Areas that a teacher is required to teach as per the guide published on the TSC Website.

TSC County Director MUST ensure that in case a school has more than one stream, teachers posted are of different specialties i.e. Humanities, Sciences, Languages, Mathematics or Technical to ensure their optimal utilization.

Posting of Primary School Teachers

Teachers recruited in a given county shall be posted within the county. In case a county is overstaffed in the understanding of the TSC County Director, the officer shall consult respective TSC Regional Director for guidance. The TSC Regional Director shall be facilitated to post the excess teachers to another County within the Region.

Offer of Employment and Offer of Intemship Letters

Processing of Offer of Employment and Offer of Internship Letters shall be done at the county level. The TSC County Director shall sign the Offer Letters and submit file copies together with other recruitment documents. The Offer Letters for serving teacher interns being converted permanent and pensionable terms shall have no folio while to those who have never been engaged by the Commission shall bear Folio 2

One copy shall be forwarded by the TSC Sub-County Director (where the teacher will be posted) to the teacher. The second copy shall be submitted together with other recruitment documents for filing at the Headquarters. The TSC County Director and the TSC Sub-County Director shall be required to photocopy the letters for their files. Template for the appointment letter and Offer of Internship Letter will be provided. Ensure that each candidate fill only one Application for Employment form or receives only one Offer of Internship letter.

The Offer of Employment Letters shall be done on the special papers. County Directors have already been issued with special papers for the exercise. Care must be taken to avoid wastage due to limited resources. Templates for the Offer of Employment letters, Offer of Internship letters and Internship Agreement shall be shared later.

Submission of Recruitment Documents

Recruitment documents shall be submitted as per the attached submission schedule (Appendix XIV). TSC County Directors should ensure that they strictly adhere to the schedule to avoid crowding at the receiving desks. In addition, they are expected to ensure that all required documents are attached to the Application for Employment Forms including the Offer of Employment Letter, Internship Agreement, Offer of Internship Letter and Lists of

TSC County Directors shall be held personally responsible for any missing but required document that may lead to delays in the onboarding of teachers. It is important to arrive at the Headquarters the earliest possible time to ensure

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