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Witness reveal blunder Garrisa Teacher Did That saw Him Get Struck by Rotor Blade

Witness reveal blunder Garrisa Teacher Did That saw Him Get Struck by Rotor Blade.



Students, stakeholders and family members in Masalani, Garissa county have been thrown into mourning following the abrupt death of a deputy principal when he was struck by helicopter rotor blade as he collected KCSE examination papers.

As Kenyans continue pondering over how this incident may have unfolded, eyewitnesses present at the scene when the incident happened have recounted how the incident went down.

According to the narration of eyewitnesses, the deputy principal may have unknowingly brought death to himself in quest to make sure that he delivered the examination papers to students on time.

The teacher had already collected the examination papers from the container and was waiting for the helicopter to pick him up to the desired destination.

As narrated by eyewitnesses, the teacher was in a hurry to deliver the examination papers and may have proceeded with the boarding hurriedly before it was safe for him to approach the chopper.

It is possible to get hit by the blades if you approach the chopper to soon after it lands since the rotor blades are rotating at a lower angle. It is always advisable to keep a 100 to 200 metres distance between you and the landing helicopter to avoid any accident.

From eyewitnesses, the teacher may have approached the helicopter too soon to board before the rotors died down. This blunder clearly cost him his life.

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