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A Kenyan woman who returned from the US shared her heartbreaking story, detailing how she went from riches back to rags

  • A Kenyan woman who returned from the US shared her heartbreaking story, detailing how she went from riches back to rags




  • A Kenyan woman who returned from the US shared her heartbreaking story, detailing how she went from riches back to rags
  • Beatrice Jockey Mangure lived in the United States for over 10 years and made millions from her catering business, as well as acquiring two cars
  • In a video shared on YouTube, Mangure narrated how her troubles began when she returned home 
  • A Kenyan businesswoman who returned from the US after 10 years has appealed for help to treat her eye and start a taxi business.
    Beatrice Jockey Mangure. rich woman
    Beatrice Jockey Mangure had two cars and a nice apartment in the US. Photo Credit: Afrimax English Source: UGC

    Beatrice Jockey Mangure moved to America, where she made a fortune after venturing into the catering business.

    Kenyans making fortune in the US

    In a video shared on the Afrimax YouTube channel, Mangure narrated how her journey started after her marriage of six years crashed.

    The mother of two got to the US and settled in the city of Georgia, making ends meet via her new venture.

    Mangure’s business blossomed to the point that she could afford to rent an apartment.

    While admitting that life was not easy in America and that she dealt with depression owing to her failed marriage, the lady acknowledged making millions and owning two cars.

    Mangure’s properties lost at sea

    However, the depression from her failed marriage overwhelmed her, forcing her to close shop and return toKenya.

    “When I relocated back here to Kenya, I carried all my stuff and even bought new stuff. I had put them in a container but I lost it all.

    “It never arrived in Kenya. I came back with only two suitcases that I carried at the airport. That was what I brought back to this country. I lost things that were a lot of money, running in millions. But I didn’t get anything.”

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    The worst bid happened when all the businesses she started after arriving in Kenya went south due to fraudulent handlers.

    Mangure said she now makes ends meet as a taxi driver, using someone else’s car on lease.

    She pleaded for help to treat her eye condition and buy her own car for the taxi business.

    Netizens sympathise with Kenyan woman

    The video caught the attention of many social media users, with some sympathising with Mangure.

    @beautyadaarewa638 said:

    “Thank you very much for sharing your story. It make me learn, to plan my life, before I am won out, because when you are still young, you have ernegy and strong, as you grow older the strength goes less and less.”

    @frankie6207 said:

    “This is a sad story & a lesson to all of those in the Diaspora. We should invest back home for the future. Diaspora people shouldn’t trust most family & friends to help with anything involving their money. Good samaritans would come through for her on Lynn Ngugi Show.”

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    @tsungigudza8803 said:

    “I think this should be a lesson to many , yes go work abroad but never forget to invest back home. Build a home where you will call your own and if you can invest in more properties…this is very sad…the American dream is just that ,a dream.”

    @yvonnemascoll356 said:

    “I pray that the hands of time will turn and that this woman would be blessed financially, physically, mentally and in every aspect of her life….God knows she deserves it…”

    @SuperKwame1 said:

    “My heart goes for you! I am in USA as an African! You are still alive ! It is hard to make money and to lose it like you are saying, It is very painful!”

    Couple goes broke

    In related news, TUKO.co.ke reported about a woman named Lara and her ex-husband Roger Griffiths languishing in abject squalor, yet they were multimillionaires just eight years ago.

Kakamega Woman Stolen by Househelp as Child Finds Her Biological Family After 25 Years

In 2005, lady luck shone on the couple when they won an astonishing KSh 321 million in a lottery jackpot.

Lara revealed they splashed millions on extravagant plane trips to Dubai, 30 second-hand cars, and more than 15 high-end designer handbags.

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