Wife cheat on man while pregnant.




Wife cheat on man while pregnant.



Anthony Ng’ang’a had only been married for six months before he found out his wife was cheating on him while pregnant

  • He narrated one day rushing home to find his pregnant wife with a shirtless man who was sweating profusely
  • The Murang’a man said his wife’s behaviour escalated and he was even beaten by her boyfriends along the road 
  • Murang’a – A disappointed and heartbroken man cannot hold back his tears as he opens up about his marriage.
    Murang'a man Anthony Ng'ang'a narrates finding his wife cheating on him.
    Murang’a man Anthony Ng’ang’a narrates finding his wife cheating on him. Photo: TUKO.co.ke/Eric Mahinda, Kelvin Kinyua. Source: Original

    Anthony Ng’ang’a shared about the painful betrayal by his wife, whom he has only been with for six months.

    The man discovered his wife’s cheating behaviour after being in the holy estate of matrimony with her for half a year.

    Lying to hubby about affair

    Speaking to TUKO.co.ke, Ng’ang’a narrated the first time he met a strange man in his house, courtesy of a call from one of his neighbours.

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    One day, I received a call from a neighbour just after the man had arrived so that I would get them red-handed. When I got home, this man had removed his shirt, and he was only wearing his vest and sweating profusely. I asked my wife, Deborah, in good faith, who that man was and why she didn’t inform me we were having a visitor.

    She told me that was her in-law, so I asked her why she didn’t inform me about him so that I could at least come with a drink. So by the time I was putting my jacket down, the guy had taken off and disappeared,” he said.

    Woman discloses why she cheats

    As though that was not enough pain, when his wife was cheating, he disclosed she was pregnant with their first child.

    Many people informed the Murang’a man about his wife and urged him to leave her, but he did not listen.

    “I tried to warn her because it would harm the baby. She told me off, saying that she comes from the Luhya tribe and it’s difficult to satisfy them. After a while, I met the same man I caught my wife with. He told me the woman in my house was his wife and also the mum to his kids in the village,” he added.

    Bumping with wife’s boyfriends on road

    After Deborah gave birth, she fell pregnant with their second child, and she still never changed her cheating ways.

    “That went on until when we moved to Ruai. Her behaviour became worse to the point that she wasn’t hiding anymore. I would bump into her with the men she was messing around with, and some would even beat me up along the road,” he cried.

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    He added his wife left him afterwards with two children to care for when he had no source of income.

    Ng’ang’a appealed for a job to fend for his little ones, as he struggled to provide even basic needs for them without a job.

    He can be contacted on 0796 216 127.

    Man finds wife cheating on him

    In another story, a husband told the court how he found his wife cheating, stating he had evidence.

    The pained man who claimed his wife cheated on him narrated how he caught her with a boy in a market.

    Narrating how much he had suffered, he spoke about how his wife and her family misled him into getting an international passport instead of a car.

    Many people laughed in a court as the man tabled his case before a judge, highlighting ways he had been cheated.

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