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Ruto’s plan With 87 Billion Acquired In Deal with US Agency

Ruto’s plan With 87 Billion Acquired In Deal with US Agency.



The head of state has been in the US for the past few days. He has met several people and leaders of renowned companies who have promised to open up opportunities for Kenyans in the technology space.

According to news from a reliable source, the President signed a Ksh 87 billion deal with the US foreign aid agency. It remains unclear whether the money is in the form of a grant or a sort of debt that will be repaid.

According to the source, the money will be used to acquire electric buses to ease traffic in Nairobi City. The buses will operate on line 2 of Bus Rapid Transport.

This development emerged after Kenya hosted the Africa Climate Summit not long ago where the main agenda was going green.

“The project aims to facilitate the timely operation of BRT lines and contribute to the Government of Kenya’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to urban transportation,” it was reported.

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