Karen Nyamu; I Got My First Million From Campus Romance with Politician

Karen Nyamu; I Got My First Million From Campus Romance with Politician.



Senator Karen Nyamu recently shed light on how she earned her first million during a recent interview with Ala C on his YouTube channel.

The renowned politician shared her journey, which involved a broker deal facilitated by an influential politician she was dating.

Karen recounted that she had a friend in government back then, and her acquaintances were eager to leverage this connection for their benefit.

They asked her to introduce them to the politician, and she received a payment in return.

However, Karen later discovered that her friends had deceived her in this brokered deal.

“I had a friend who was in government then. My friends knew about this, and since they wanted to get something, they asked me to connect them to him. I was paid some money, but today is when I came to learn that they played me. I got my first million through the broker deal that came through the friend,” Karen revealed during the interview.

Karen, who tried a hand in politics in 2017 when she vied for the Women Representative position, explained that she entered the political arena with funds from her law firm.

However, she did not anticipate that running a political campaign would require significant financial investments.

“I joined politics with the money I got from my law firm, not knowing I would spend millions. No one held my hand to become a politician. I am never afraid at all costs. I do not buy fear,” she emphasized, highlighting her bold and independent approach to her political journey.

She also shared her experience with an influential friend who was already a politician.

Despite having connections in government, Karen expressed that they did not provide substantial assistance to her political ambitions.

She recounted that the politician friend merely laughed when witnessing her delve into politics.

“Even if you have someone who is very influential and in government, they can never help you that much. My friend would just laugh at me when he saw me joining politics wondering how bold I was,” she said.

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