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CAS Nominee In A Limbo Over Ruling After Promising Allies Jobs 

CAS Nominee In A Limbo Over Ruling After Promising Allies Jobs



Some of the CAS nominees meeting President Ruto, picture for illustration

Well they say, “Don’t count your chicks before they hatch.” This is now the situation where one of the CAS nominee’s finds himself in. The Chief Administrative Secretary nominee who hails from one of the opposition stronghold is said to have been very sure of the position even as a court case hung over their head. But he is not alone. Two of his handler’s are said to have been part of the mix as well and are equally shocked with the sudden change of fortune’s. The high court made a ruling that the position was unconstitutional and Kenyan’s will be looking to see if the court of Appeal will dispute a ruling made by the court. A case scenario happened when a ruling was made on the BBI.

it is reported that the man had hoped for a positive ruling and had engaged contractor’s to spruce up his residence for a homecoming event. He had planned to welcome the President Mr William Ruto to spite his opponent’s. The man, having served as an elected leader in the past is said to have promised job’s to two other people. He had told the duo to relocate with their families to the City in readiness for work. But now, it has gone down the drain. The only hope is the Court of Appeal, and that looks tough.

Via Sunday Nation, Word on the Street

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