Teachers In The Following Job Groups Will Be Issued With Promotion Letters Mid July.


Teachers In The Following Job Groups Will Be Issued With Promotion Letters Mid July.


The Teacher Service Commission(TSC) is now clear on category of teachers who will receive automatic promotions and advancements through TSC online services in the new financial year from July.

This comes shortly after teachers employer received information of consideration by treasury on 2.2 billion allocated for teachers promotions.

All teachers who serving on acting capacity wl be given first priority in TSC advancement plan with better Salary compensation come July 2023.

Mr. Calvin Anyuor, head of legal services, and Jamleck Muturi, chairman of the TSC board confirmed this before the Parliamentary Committee of Education and Research.

Further they elebarated that majority of deputy head teachers serving in Acting capacities will earn the automatic promotions. They will be given top considerations.

In addition to questions about stagnation of deputy head teachers not yet received promotion letters, the duo said that they failed to follow the due process for promotion applications.

The two also stated that there were different classifications for teachers in county, extra-county, and sub-county schools. These tutors were grouped based on a report on job appraisal.

The discussions regarding these tutors earning automatic promotions Such teachers will soon receive automatic promotions, according to the commission.

The emotions came when Lugari MP criticized the commission for failing to promote deputies who had long served in an acting capacity.

Teachers now have a very good chance of being promoted because they will be given first preference but will be required to take part in some interviews. Because they are in different fields, automatic promotions are hampered by job evaluation.

The panel promised to look into the situation and devise a method that would automatically advance these instructors rather than subjecting them to meaningless interviews.

However, the commission regretted that it had not been given funds for teacher promotion during the previous ten years. Only one payment was issued, and it was for a review of remuneration based on the results of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s study of job evaluations in July 2017.

The commission estimates that natural attrition will cause a total of 15,000 professors to leave their positions by December 31.

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