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The toxic sugar deal

The toxic sugar deal


Even as information about an alleged argument between a Cabinet Secretary, a senior government official, and two MPs about how to divide the earnings from the expired sugar blew the lid off the developing scandal, President William Ruto fired a warning shot at dishonest officials.


The top official and two MPs from Central Kenya developed a plan to release the condemned sugar that was kept at the ICDC in Mombasa customs depot by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), according to multiple sources within the government.


The CS in question is alleged to have learned of the agreement and asked for a cut. He is alleged to have been after his loot via a top officer in one of the agencies involved. When the controversy first surfaced, the aforementioned official was one of those suspended.

The toxic sugar deal

All the while, it was claimed that certain participants pocketed the entire sale price after the consignment was sold. “The MP informed the Kenya Revenue Authority about the situation. Before informing the President, KRA performed some inquiries, perhaps two weeks ago, according to one source.


Other sources claim that the CS decided to aggravate the situation with the authorities because he was upset about not getting the loot. However, according to certain accounts, the CS was a whistleblower who has now been drawn into the issue purportedly for political reasons.

President Ruto announced that he will personally lead the fight against corruption and that he will not favor anyone in his administration.


“I shall accept personal accountability for the management of this nation’s resources. No one will be permitted to take from the republic’s resources; if they do, they will meet me personally, Dr. Ruto declared. “I have made it clear to everyone—both my friends and those who are not—that tampering with public resources is forbidden…I won’t say as much about it, but my actions will speak for me more.


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