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The case of Anne Amadi

The case of Anne Amadi


A British person who alleges to have been scammed of more than Sh100 million in US dollars in 2021 has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Anne Amadi and a legal firm registered in her name are at the center of a gold scandal. A judge has ordered the freezing of their bank accounts.

A gold trading company with a Dubai registration, Bruton Gold Trading LLC, has filed a lawsuit against Ms. Amadi, her son Brian Ochieng, two other Kenyans, and a Liberian person, alleging that it lost $742,206 between September 22 and October 21, 2021.


The trader, Mr. Demetrios Bradshaw, claimed in an affidavit that the funds were intended to buy 1,500 kg of gold bars, but the metal was never shipped to the buyer in Dubai.

The case of Anne Amadi

Andrew Njenga Kiarie, Kikanae Topoti, Daniel Ndegwa Kangara alias Daniel Muriithi, and Edward Taylor, a Liberian passport holder, are the other defendants in the case.


In the law firm Amadi & Associates, Mr. Ochieng (Amadi’s son), Mr. Kiarie, and Mr. Topoti are attorneys; Mr. Kangara was a representative of Universal Gold Logistics Limited (UGL), and Mr. Sakor was allegedly the seller of the gold.


Judge David Majanja of the High Court declared the case urgent on Thursday and, in the interim, froze a number of Ms. Amadi’s and the law firm’s bank accounts.

Accounts numbers *** domiciled at ABC Bank, Green House Mall, Nairobi, in the name of Amadi & Associates, (and any other bank account registered to or held by Amadi & Associates), and that no funds whatsoever should be withdrawn from the accounts without express order of the court, according to the order. This was in effect while the application was being heard and decided.


According to Mr. Bradshaw’s declaration, he transacted with and sent money to UGL through Amadi & Associates, who served as the company’s legal counsel, in September 2021. The gold had been exported and was on its way to Dubai, according to documentation that Mr. Kangara later sent to him. A flight and consignment number were issued to him.



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