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Fight between Health ministries

Fight between Health ministries


The conflict between two departments of the Ministry of Health for control of billions of dollars in donor monies has come to light as a result of the Global Fund’s division into two halves.


Information indicates that former PS Josephine Mburu oversaw the State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, while former PS Peter Tum, who has since been transferred to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Arts, and Sports, was in charge of medical services.

The two were sworn into office in the midst of the current fiscal year, and it was decided that Mr. Tum would sign all paperwork for the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Mburu took offense to this and called a private meeting during a Senate Health Committee hearing in Mombasa, where she asserted that she was “just a flower girl” at the ministry and that even dockets within the ministry were open to the public.

Fight between Health ministries 

The Nation was informed by an insider that there had been tension between the two PSs before to the appointment of Mr. Tum to the Sports docket and the dismissal of Dr. Mburu.


“There was never a good working connection between these two. Since Dr. Mburu handled the majority of the donor funds, she was perceived as having more authority than her rival, the insider claimed.


Since the public health docket oversees all donor financing for HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, complaints were made, which ultimately led to the decision to divide the program.

According to the source, Mr. Tum was in charge of Kemsa, handled equipment service, and universal health coverage.


According to reports, involvement tainted the Sh3.7 billion tendering process, costing Dr. Mburu her job.


She was charged with altering specifications provided by the Global Fund for the procurement of durable mosquito nets based on papers obtained by the Nation.


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