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DPP Recommends inquest

DPP Recommends inquest: into Mwathi’s death

The director of public prosecutions, Noordin Haji, reportedly suggested an inquest to determine the cause of Jeff Mwathi’s death, according to a lawyer for Lawrence Njuguna alias DJ Fatxo.


In a media event on May 17, 2023, attorney Duncan Okatch announced that the DPP concurred with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ (DCI) conclusion that DJ Fatxo’s lack of criminal culpability was not supported by any evidence.


According to Okatch, “our client is pleased that the truthful position he has always upheld regarding his innocence has at long last come out.”

He claimed that despite what he described as plainly planned public and social media maneuvers intended to obfuscate the truth and harm his reputation, the DJ is grateful to the DCI and the DPP for demonstrating high standards of professionalism, independence, and focus.


“It is obvious that there is not a single piece of information or particle of evidence to support even the slightest suspicion of criminal wrongdoing on the part of our client. In fact, it is abundantly evident that our client was not even at his home when his friend Jeff Mwathi died, the attorney continued.

DPP Recommends inquest

DJ Fatxo won’t be suing everyone who spread “lies” claiming he was responsible for the death, the attorney claims.

As a practicing Christian, “our client has consciously chosen to forgive all those who propagated such narratives and he only hopes that through his trials, those who had been led to believe such or in some way became part of the social mob justice, cyberbullying, and Kenyans in general, have learned a thing or two,” the attorney said.


The attorney acknowledged that DJ Fatxo’s situation has not been simple, and if it weren’t for his close relationship with God, his family, friends, and the numerous fans who have continued to call, message, or otherwise expressed support for him, he might not have been in a position to even witness and comprehend the moment of vindication.




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