President Ruto scolds CS

President Ruto scolds CS

Tuesday’s 5th cabinet meeting at State House was utilized by President William Ruto to publicly reprimand a minister over disputes inside his department.


The Cabinet Secretary was confronted by a furious President who admonished him to stop the “drama” or prepare to accept responsibility.


The President’s direct rebuke of the CS represented his most recent no-nonsense strategy for reforming ministry operations in the face of allegations of corruption.

The impacted CS has witnessed his ministry torn apart by a bitter power struggle among top employees over alleged significant disagreements that may jeopardize government service delivery.


The ministry is in charge of providing strategic governmental services.


Because the subject is sensitive, a person within the cabinet who requested anonymity stated, “It was a dressing down, nothing less.”


The President reportedly expressed displeasure about quarrels and power struggles within the ministry, despite the fact that the CS is in charge and should steer the ship.


The source went on to say that the president was obviously upset and made it clear that things will no longer be done as usual moving ahead.

President Ruto scolds CS 

The President warned against infighting between CSs and their Principal Secretaries to develop synergy and avoid unnecessary squabbles.


A dispatch from the cabinet on Tuesday lifted the lid on the President’s impatience with a stern warning on his cabinet over corruption and wastage.

Increased funding for the State House was justified, according to President William Ruto, by the need to support the activities of his deputy’s office.

Ruto claimed that due to a lack of funds, the office where he worked as the deputy under former President Uhuru Kenyatta was no longer operational.

“The Office of the Deputy President’s operations had been suspended, and if you want to resume them, we must increase the funds,” Ruto remarked.

Ruto scolds cs


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