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JSS Interns To Be Confirmed

JSS Interns To Be Confirmed


To Be Confirmed Into PnP Terms Are JSS Interns By TSC. More than 15000 intern teachers will be converted into permanent, pensionable positions each year, according to a pledge made by the Teachers Service Commission. Secondary schools hire internship teachers to instruct students in junior and senior high schools. The commission made this decision in order to solve the teacher shortage brought on by the rising number of teachers who are retiring and leaving the profession.


TSC published job listings for more than 35000 teaching positions in December 2022. The country’s junior secondary schools were to recruit intern teachers to fill 21,550 of these positions. 4000 places were allotted for primary schools during internship terms. There were only 10,000 permanent and pensionable positions available, with 9000 slots intended for junior high schools and 1000 for elementary schools.

JSS Interns To Be Confirmed

The commission has requested funding to convert all of the temporary teachers into permanent employees with pension rights, which is good news. When the contract expires at the end of the year, the intern instructors are expected to be confirmed.


In January 2022, TSC converted all intern teachers. At that point, all currently employed intern teachers were confirmed without undergoing any additional interviews. Teachers no longer need to apply for permanent posts because their information has already been processed. A message dated January 11, 2023, clarified the information.


“The Board has decided that in the ongoing teacher recruitment process, all teachers who were participating in an internship program in 2022 will be hired on permanent, pensionable terms of service.”The goal of this email is to propose that none of the teacher interns for 2022 be removed from the payroll while their applications for employment on permanent and pensionable conditions of service are processed, according to the TSC Director of Staffing memo.

In addition, primary school teacher interns are eligible for a monthly stipend of 15,000 shillings. Junior secondary school teacher interns are eligible for a monthly stipend of 20,000 shillings.

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