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Rachael Ruto lauds Kindiki


Rachael Ruto lauds Kindiki 


Rachael Ruto, the first lady, has praised interior CS Kithure Kindiki for his efforts to keep Kerio Valley peaceful.


Mama Rachael stated in a statement on Sunday that the ministry’s dedication to resolving disputes merits respect and backing.


In order to break the cycle of conflict in the area, she remarked, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Kindiki and the dedicated leaders who are working tirelessly.”

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Kindiki and the dedicated leaders who are working tirelessly to end the cycle of conflict in the region,” she said.

According to the First Lady, women and children suffer the most from unrest and violence.

Rachael Ruto lauds Kindiki 

She continued by saying it is everyone’s duty in Kenya to band together and look for long-term solutions.


“Our combined efforts have the power to change the lives of people who have been impacted by violence and bring in a time of hope and fortitude. Let’s move together toward a time when the Kerio Valley flourishes as a testament to peace, kindness, and development, Rachel stated.


Over 3,000 families in Baringo received food as a result of a campaign spearheaded by the first lady.


This was done in conjunction with the Faith in Action Week campaign, which was organized by Mama Doing Good’s Faith Diplomacy Directorate.


“I am very hopeful that the Faith in Action Week initiative will work in conjunction with the government’s efforts to establish normalcy and usher in positive change in Kerio Valley,” the woman added.


Simon Chelugui, the Cooperatives and Micro and Small Enterprise Development CS, was among the leaders in attendance. Charles Kamuren, Member of Parliament for Baringo South, Caroline Ngelechei, Member of Parliament for Elgeyo Marakwet County, Simon Chelugui, Tiaty MP Kamket Kassait, Maison Leshoomo County, Samburu County.

The leaders emphasized the need of infrastructure and equal educational opportunity for all children in achieving the genuine growth potential and intercounty trade in the Kerio Valley region.

Rechael Ruto lauds Kindiki


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