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Mwinjoyo FM presenters attacked

Mwinjoyo FM presenters attacked

Presenters from the Nakuru-based radio station Mwinjoyo FM studios, which was raided by armed men during a live show, have appeared to describe their experience.


While the presenters were doing a show, robbers who had masks over their faces attacked them. The two armed males were carrying machetes and guns, respectively.


Before being told to lie down, they were told to turn off the instruments.


Mwangi wa Mbugua, the presenter in charge of the program, described how the thugs broke into the studios after cutting the electric fence in an interview with Nation.

He claimed that when the ambush occurred, he was in his office when they gave him the order to help them get inside the studios.

Mwinjoyo FM presenters attacked

“The armed men entered the studio and issued a threat to kill anyone who stood in their way of robbing. They were quite agitated when they learned that the program was broadcast live on Facebook and that the station had CCTV cameras, and they requested to be taken to the CCTV data center, he said.


The awful incident lasted 30 minutes, according to a different presenter named John (who did not reveal his identity). He said that before seizing people’s phones, they made everyone in the room pay.

Police in Murang’a county on Saturday, May 13, 2023, detained at least three alleged thugs near the Makuyu highway.


The three, whose names have been suppressed, is allegedly a member of a group that has been intimidating drivers and robbing them of their possessions along the Kenol-Sagana route, according to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).


Following extensive neighborhood investigations, the three were taken into custody.

Mwinjoyo FM presenters attacked


Before flushing out the three from their hiding place, police conducted intelligence-led investigations in Makuyu within the Kambiti and Kitini area, according to the DCI.




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