GSU staff injured in terror

GSU staff injured in terror.

In Rhamu, Mandera County, two police officers were injured after they were ambushed by assailants who were thought to be al-Shabaab terrorists.

On Saturday, May 13, two vehicles carrying 25 General Service Units were ambushed by the militants on the Rhamu-Elwak route.

When the squad was ambushed by alleged al-Shabaab terrorists at around 4 am in the Isaqora area, they were traveling from Nairobi to Mandera, according to police.

Two cops were hurt when their two vehicles—a land cruiser and a lorry—were hit by gunfire coming from both sides of the road. The others jumped off the moving vans and made it out safely.


According to the authorities, the victims were struck in the right palm and legs, respectively.


Later, all of the other cops were there and unharmed.


A Rhamu police station reinforcement arrived on the site and began gathering spent bullets of various calibers along with suspected IED remnants. This occurrence is the most recent of its kind.

GSU staff injured in terror

The officers accidentally tripped over a fake device while traveling to Mandera town in an official vehicle.


Two of the officers, according to witnesses and the police, were seriously hurt.


In preparation for an evacuation to Nairobi, they were all transported to a nearby hospital. The explosive is thought to have been planted by local al-Shabaab terrorists or those who support them.


Response crews did not discover those responsible when they arrived minutes later.

Police stated that they are looking into the recent attacks, which had been quiet for some time.


The quiet came to an end during the month of Ramadan, when essentially no recorded attacks occurred.


The region is close to the Kenya-Somalia border, which is frequently crossed by terrorists who launch attacks before fleeing.


To contain the attacks, more people have been stationed in the region.


To stop the trend, locals have always been urged to cooperate with security organizations. This is because such attacks are impossible to carry out without the local population’s knowledge.


GSU injured in terror attack


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