11 Mukumu girls hospitalised

11 Mukumu girls hospitalised


After becoming ill on Friday, eleven students from Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School were brought to the hospital.

Nine of the students were transported to the hospital after complaining of exhaustion and gastrointestinal pain, while two of the students are receiving treatment for malaria.


After being admitted to St. Elizabeth Mukumu Mission Hospital, the students’ condition is being attentively watched by medical professionals.

The principal of the school, Sister Jane Mmbone, confirmed the incident but said there was no cause for alarm as the students were responding well to treatment.


In fact, three of the kids were released from the hospital when their health improved and are already enrolled in classes, according to Mmbone.


She claimed that despite receiving treatment and having their conditions constantly monitored, the other students returned to class before they had fully healed.


To handle any medical situations involving kids before sending them to nearby hospitals for care, a nurse has been assigned to the school.

Following an illness outbreak attributed to tainted water and food, the school was shut down indefinitely on April 3.


A teacher, three students, and one other person perished.

11 Mukumu girls hospitalised

On May 8, Form Four students reported to school first, accompanied by their parents.

Beginning on Monday, May 8, 2023, classes resumed.


A nurse has been assigned to the school to handle situations before the pupils are taken to hospitals in order to prevent such incidents from happening again.


Jared Obiero, the Western Region Director of Education, stated that they are certain that the measures put in place will bring calm and restore parents’ faith as students go to school after leading a team of government officials in evaluating the school’s infrastructure.


“We are optimistic that the safeguards put in place will give our parents the confidence they need to send all of their children back to school.


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