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Ichung’wah takes on Omari

Ichung’wah takes on Omari 

Kimani Ichung’wah, the majority leader of the National Assembly, has attacked attorney Danstan Omari for reportedly suing him for libel.


The Kikuyu MP declared that he was prepared to confront the attorney in court even though he only learned about the lawsuit through the media because he was never served with the documents.


The MP expressed concern over learning that Omari had since withdrawn the complaint through the media in a message on his Twitter account.

I’m the last man to need to be scared, so please stop using my name in attention-seeking media stunts! Cases should be brought up in court rather than in the media. said Ichung’wah.


Omari sued the Kikuyu MP in April, seeking Sh11 million in damages, claiming that the MP had reportedly claimed that Omari frequently visited Koinange Street.


Nairobi’s central business district has a street that is notorious for its call girls.

Ichung’wah takes on Omari 

Ichung’wah received a demand letter from the advocate through his attorney Brian Mabeya, giving him seven days to retract and apologize, but he refused.

It’s claimed that Ichung’wah tweeted, “Phew! In contrast to the bogus media-based liar who is only well-known along Koinange Street, at least I am well-known among the Kikuyu.


Omari claimed that because he is a married man, the tweet might potentially ruin his life by sowing doubt and hatred in the minds and hearts of people.


In his lawsuit, the attorney also asked the court to enjoin Ichungw’ah from publishing or causing to be published any more words that were defamatory to him.

But two days after the case was filed, on April 27, 2023, Omari withdrew the lawsuit by filing a notice of withdrawal.


Take notice that, in accordance with Order 25 Rule 1 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2010, the Applicant/Plaintiff herein gives notice and completely intends to withdraw the Application and Plaint they submitted on April 25, 2023.


Omari was named as the plaintiff and Ichung’wah was named as the defendant in the notice of withdrawal, which was served on Osogo, Onyiego, and Manyara Attorneys.



Ichung’wah takes on Omari


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