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Shakahola: bodies exhumed rises to 150

Shakahola: bodies exhumed rises to 150

Shakahola: bodies exhumed rises to 150. As part of the investigation into cult leader Paul Mackenzie, five more bodies were excavated on Thursday, bringing the total number of bodies discovered to 150.

At a press conference, Coast Regional Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha provided this report and noted that this was the fewest remains exhumed since the operation began last month.

Two male adults who were recovered today, both of whom are in stable condition, brought the total number of persons rescued to 72, according to Ms. Onyancha.

She added that the number of people reported missing continued to increases, standing at 594 as of Thursday, and that the number of DNA samples collected remained at 93.


Fourteen individuals have been reunited with their families.

With the discovery of 21 bodies, the second stage of the Shakahola woodland exhumations began on Tuesday.


Police stated Wednesday that they had recovered two people from the Shakahola jungle and exhumed another 11 dead.


Police suspect that Mackenzie’s disciples, whom he allegedly told to starve to death “to meet Jesus,” are responsible for the majority of the bodies.



Shakahola: bodies exhumed rises to 150

According to Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, although malnutrition appears to be the primary cause of death, some of the deceased, including children, were strangled, beaten to death, or suffocated.

Investigations turned up unprocessed grave sites that had been marked up by homicide detectives. This comes following the discovery of another location thought to be a mass grave. Martin Nyuguto, the head of the Homicide Unit, led the detectives who located 32 grave sites last month.

Without violating the freedom of religion or belief guaranteed by the constitution, these can be applied to religious cults. Kenya requires an open discussion on how laws can protect the right in order to stop impostor religious leaders from abusing it.


A team has been assembled by President Ruto to look into the Shakahola fatalities. The team’s broader task is to create a legal framework for investigating and supervising religious organisations. This is a difficult task. What Kenya’s prior initiatives to stifle religious


Shakahola death toll


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