Don’t betray me – Ruto to leader’s

Don’t betray me – Ruto to leader’s 


President William Ruto has pleaded with authorities not to twist and disparage his plans for affordable housing.


The President on Thursday said his plans on affordable housing have been clear since the campaign period and no one should make it appear like a new concept for purposes of frustrating it.


“I did my campaign with many leaders and these leaders heard me loud and clear when I said there is a plan for housing and it was public,” Ruto said

“So don’t betray me now when we are in the middle. Sasa msinigeuke hapa katikati, kwani mlidhani ilikuwa siasa ya maneno na kuongea tu porojo? In a posture.


(Therefore, don’t desert me while we’re traveling. Did you think it was just politicking and idle talk?)


Ruto urged leaders to be truthful and let Kenyans know the plans they campaigned for.

“My leaders, I implore you to tell the truth. We visited Kenyans and informed them of our ideas for housing, which will create jobs. Why are you now turning your back on us when we will also assist them in buying homes? Ruto enquired.

Don’t betray me – Ruto to leader’s 

He was addressing on Thursday at the South C, Nairobi, affordable housing groundbreaking event.


The Kenya Kwanza government’s plans to establish a housing fund have drawn criticism.


Ruto said last month that public officials will begin contributing 3% of their wages to the Housing Fund to build a fund for the project to build affordable housing.

Employers will fund the project with a similar share.


Kenyans’ reactions were conflicted as many wondered why there was a ‘tax’ on housing that was required.


Charles Hinga, the permanent secretary of the State Department of Housing and Urban Development, provided clarification on the Housing fund’s operation.


He stated that the proposed wage deduction for the Housing Fund would be an option for civil officials.


“It is voluntary and not mandatory for a civil servant. But we now realize that we didn’t fully explain to Kenyans,” he continued.

Don’t betray me


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