Bishop’s fault Ruto on taxes

Bishop’s fault Ruto on taxes 


The government was “increasingly proving insensitive to the plight of the majority of Kenyans,” they claimed, who were “sinking deeper and deeper into economic hardship and distress daily,” according to the Anglican Church, which yesterday condemned President William Ruto’s planned taxing measures.

The Members of the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) also criticized President Ruto’s administration for what they claimed was the encroachment of tribal and regional appointments in the public sector in a forceful statement.

Bishop’s fault Ruto on taxes

“There is obvious favoritism and tribalism, especially in public positions. In our institutions, there is a clear absence of transparency and accountability. This cannot be tolerated. In a declaration read aloud by Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit, the bishops urged all institutions and governmental bodies to be impartial, effective, and not merely subject to political influence.

The bishops also asked that the bi-partisan talks between teams representing President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga be expanded to include faith-based organisations. They added that they were willing to help thrash out issues that will not be agreed upon by the committee co-chaired by George Murugara (Tharaka, UDA) and Dr Otiende Amollo (Rarieda, ODM).

“The bipartisan Parliamentary talks seem to have started on a shaky foundation. We call on the parties to overcome suspicion and unwillingness to engage. For the greater good; and in the interest of a cohesive nation, we urge that all pertinent issues of concern be placed on the table and discussed,” the bishops said.

The bishops claimed in their statement that the Finance Bill 2023, which among other things proposes a 3% statutory deduction—to be matched by the employer in the same percentage, but capped at Sh5,000 per month—to the Housing Fund, will burden the majority of Kenyans if passed. They urged for it to be subjected to extensive public scrutiny before it is presented to Parliament.

Bishop’s fault Ruto


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