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Why to avoid Snacking

Why to avoid Snacking

Why to avoid snacking. Toxic chemicals produced during partial digestion  includes Aldehydes, alcohol,amines and esters.
These can cause damage to the brain,liver, kidneys and other delicate tissues.

Imagine you can be a drunkard through snacking. Without going to pub.

What are the important of heavy breakfast?

Running late for work or school? “Let’s skip the breakfast!” Well, this might sound like the most ideal idea to save time when you are on the run. But you might not want to skip it when you find out the benefits of having a heavy breakfast in the morning. It is rightly said, “Eat like a king in the morning (breakfast), like a middle-class man in the afternoon and like a beggar in the night.” When we wake up, a heavy breakfast helps to restore our body glucose levels which is required for our brain functions. A good breakfast is like an instant boost of energy that helps the body to function throughout the day, non-stop!

Why heavy breakfast is important than snacking 

1. Heavy breakfasts kicks starts metabolism.


Breakfast kicks start the metabolism

Eating a good filling breakfast helps to boost your metabolism and helps the body to function at its best. It brings into action all the biological processes of digestion and stores nutrients to use up for the rest of the day.

2. Keeps body fire burning.



Fire may burn you down, but body ‘fire’ must keep burning to stay alive!

Ayurveda refers to our digestive power as ‘Agni’ which is the heat energy which is crucial for all of the digestive and metabolic functions of our body. It helps the body to function smoothly. It is believed once the fire in the body extinguishes it soon leads to death. So you need to keep the fire going in order to stay alive! It is very essential to have a filling breakfast to maintain the balance of Agni. One should also not overeat, though.

3. Lessen the appetite


Breakfast lessens your appetite!

If you usually skip your breakfast to avoid extra calories, then you are doing it all wrong. Having a fibre and nutrient-rich breakfast in the morning helps to calm your cravings down all through the day. Making you eat less the rest of the day and making you slimmer and fitter!

4. Help in retaining the memory power of the brain.


Breakfast helps in retaining the memory power of your brain

Breakfast has so many mental benefits and one of them is aiding your memory. The carbohydrates in your breakfast are essential for the healthy functioning of your brain. When you consume a great breakfast, it helps in your concentration and memory. It lowers your stress levels and makes you less cranky! So next time you feel cranky at work, know that it’s because you are hungry.

5. Reduce the risk of Obesity


Reduced risk of Obesity

Studies have concluded, eating breakfast lowers your risk of obesity and other health problems.

Avoid snacking

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