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Man accused of defrauding city lawyer

Man accused of defrauding city lawyer


A man is accused of defrauding a municipal attorney of Sh17.3 million in a scheme that lasted more than 18 months and is now facing charges of collecting money under false pretenses.

Between July 14, 2021, and January 3, this year, Mr. Jack Bondori is accused of scamming attorney Stephanie Wambui Njoroge of the sum while feigning his ability to recruit her into a successful real estate venture.

Man accused of defrauding city lawyer

The prosecution claims that it all began when Ms Njoroge and Mr. Bondori first met in early 2021 at a carwash in Kasarani, Nairobi.

He identified himself to her as a real estate businessman with experience in consignment management and clearance. They made eye contact.


The accuser thought the suspect was a businessman and wanted to use him to bring clients to her legal practice.


They kept in touch, and in June of the same year, Mr. Bondori asked Ms. Njoroge for a loan of Sh100,000, which she approved.

Later, in July 2021, he borrowed Sh250,000 from the complainant after informing her that he had a shipment being held at a business in Nairobi and needed to pay the sum before it could be released. She gave in.


The prosecution claims that after repeatedly demanding payment from Mr. Bondori, he persuaded her to join forces with him and lend him additional funds in order to clear the shipment he said was being held by a business.


He assured her that in addition to receiving the Sh250,000 back, she would also profit.

The lawyer saw this as an opportunity to make extra cash and accepted.


She kept giving the suspect more money even though Mr Bondori never paid her the Sh250,000 he had borrowed from her in July.

The accused persisted in getting more money from Ms. Njoroge by using his accomplices to persuade her that they would profit once the consignment in question was released.


Some of Mr. Bondori’s cronies asserted that they worked for the organization keeping Mr. Bondori’s shipment while the accused was on trial.

City lawyer coned




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