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KUCCPS offers career guidance

KUCCPS offers career guidance

KUCCPS provides five advice on how to choose a career.


As they began what they hoped would be a bright future, candidates for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam exited the classroom with a goal in mind and a lot of energy.

It’s probable that some students have already benefited from professional advice, so others will likely cover this topic much later.


Finding an appropriate occupation can be done at any time, while it is ideal to begin the process in the early years of post-primary education.

In higher institutions, there are as many academic subjects as there are employment choices.


More differences exist in people’s tastes.

KUCCPS offers career guidance

Consider these eight variables while choosing a job path.

1. Your hobbies and passions

Don’t give up if you haven’t found your passion yet because discovering it is a journey all on its own.


Make careful to keep trying new things. Even though you have to develop it, it will still come. You must resolve to lead a life of professional contentment if you want a career that represents your interests.


2. Course Accessibility

The occupation they choose will determine how much money individuals who dare to dream can spend.


Many students prioritize pursuing profitable occupations over their own hobbies in order to secure their financial future. Having a carefully thought-out career is essential for having a happy and meaningful work life.

3. Your Execution

It is necessary to achieve academic proficiency in the subjects leading to the desired profession.


4. Work potential

Before choosing a job or career path, you should conduct your research and stay up to date on the kinds of vocations that never go out of style or the jobs that technology will eventually replace.


If you find it exhausting, you should avoid applying for temporary jobs that don’t offer any job pleasure.

5. Your type of personality

Being aware of your personality enables you to appreciate your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.


For instance, if working alone appeals to you, you might also appreciate a career that requires you to be well organized and follow a strict schedule.

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