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New generation license plates

New generation license plates


New generation license plates. To combat fraud, switching, and duplication, the government last year issued new-generation automobile registration plates.


The administration aimed to phase out the old plates within 18 months, according to an announcement made in August by Fred Matiang’i, the interior cabinet secretary at the time.


Some drivers have already purchased these, and they are starting to become familiar sights on Kenyan highways. They have a “cooler” template with a FE-Schrift typeface that is smaller than the text on the old ones.


The monospaced letters and numbers on “smart” plates are slightly out of proportion to prevent simple change and to enhance machine readability.


According to the government, the microchip technology and other anti-counterfeit security features on the plates make them virtually impossible to copy.

New generation license plates

The new license plates feature a hologram of the Big Five animals, a watermark, and a uniquely imprinted national flag. Additionally, they have distinct serial numbers that are linked to the vehicle’s chassis number for both the front and back plates.

From simply the license plates, police will be able to gather important characteristics about motor vehicles, including the year of manufacture, the kind and color of the vehicle, the engine number, the type of transmission, the date and location of manufacture, and insurance information.

In order to prevent tax cheating in the car import industry, the Interior Ministry stated last year that whenever a vehicle is brought into the country, it will be fastened with the plates at the point of entry. Information about it will then be synchronized with the NTSA and Kenya Revenue Authority systems.

How to find them:

To register for the smart plates;


Visit www.ntsa.go.ke,

Select motor vehicle registration,

Log into your account,

Select Apply for reflective plates, select the vehicle and click Next,

You will be asked to give a reason for the application. Select you need the new generation plates,

Choose your preferred method of being notified,

Choose a number plate and format, whether oblong or square,

In PDF format, upload copies of your original logbook and old license plates (rear and front),

Select your collection centre, and enter the ID number of the person who will collect it,

Pay the Ksh.3,050 fee and confirm.

New number plate generation

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