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How to make your woman squirt

How to make your woman squirt


Here is his route plan to sex fulfillment.


1. Inhale

Start by breathing in unison, just like you would in a yoga session. You won’t have to worry about keeping that rhythm up for long. “It’s taking on by itself, it’s that ‘hahhh, hahhh,’ ” he remarked. The first orgasm was that. You permit that to occur and allow yourself to enjoy the automatic breath.

2. Kiss

Then have a substantial makeout. You just breathed in, so “there’ll be more salivation,” Gray added. He explains that when the kiss intensifies and your tongues are “penetrating” each other’s mouths, a “orgasm” may occur.


3. Complete body

“At this point, we are approaching the entire body. Very methodical, you need to have an understanding of structure,” Gray remarked. Kiss her everywhere: down the neck, behind the ears, under the armpits. Let her joints relax and enjoy herself.

Clitoris 4.
You can move south once she is fully aroused, advises Gray. Prior to focusing in, make sure to excite the surrounding areas, he advises.

You enjoy making fun of others. You approach that place and make numerous circles around it.

5. “Enter”
In this motion, the guy should use his genitalia to stimulate his partner’s vaginal opening.

  1. 6. The G-Spot

Once you locate her G-spot, continue digging a little bit deeper. Once your partner gets excited, Gray claims it will “pop up” and feel like the size of a quarter.


7. The E-spot

“The idea for men is starting little, then going a little deeper, then deeper, and doing that for quite a while,” said Gray.


The “E-spot,” which is located about an inch after the “G-spot,” is also there, though he is unsure of its origin. He asserts that until the G-spot has caused an orgasm, it is unable to respond to pleasure. Don’t enter all the way. You’ll think you’ve made it most of the way in. Keep going until she experiences “an orgasm or two.”



How to make a woman squirt


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