Good News to JSS Teachers

Good News to JSS Teachers

Misori Akello, the secretary general of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), criticized the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for holding off on paying junior secondary school teachers’ salaries. The Union of instructors has stated that instructors should be paid before the start of the second term, according to a report that was distributed by the local media. a report that has garnered widespread praise around the nation.

All Junior Secondary School teachers should get their dues and any arrears before the start of the new term, according to KUPPET. Three months after being deployed by the Teachers Service Commission, at least 17800 junior secondary school teachers still have not received their salaries.


Only half of instructors in junior secondary schools have received compensation, according to the instructors Services Commission (TSC). However, they claimed that instructors’ later-than-anticipated arrivals at their assigned workstations caused problems with salary processing and the delay in payment.

Good News to JSS Teachers

In order to address the issue of teacher shortage and provide a seamless transition for the new cohort of the Competency Based Curriculum, Teachers Service Commission TSC has hired 35550 new junior secondary school teachers.

“KUPPET requests that JSS teachers receive immediate payment for their time and expenditures spent participating in continuous trainings for the new curriculum as well as all salary arrears that have accrued as of the start of the new term, which is next week. said Misori Akello, secretary general of KUPPET.

In its report on the Budget Politics Statement, the Budget and Appropriations Committee (BAC) asked for more money to enable TSC to promote almost 14,000 teachers who, although having higher credentials, have stayed in the same job category. This most recent development will be a delicious one for the group of professors who are anticipated to obtain these lucrative promotions as a new phase of their academic adventure begins.

Good News for teachers

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