How can I control my feelings?

How can I control my feelings?

The practice of identifying and acknowledging your emotions is known as emotional awareness. You may control and enhance your mental hygiene by being emotionally aware. Humans typically experience a bodily or mental response along with each emotion they feel. You may recognize when you are having a certain feeling by paying attention to your own bodily and mental clues.

Let’s say that you are dining somewhere. You’re going to meet a friend for lunch. Her delay is already ten minutes. Geez, she keeps me waiting all the time, you think. You also catch yourself continuously touching your water glass with your straw. You are made aware of your impatience by the subsequent thinking and action.

Take a day or two to examine your beliefs and behaviors. How do they detect your emotional condition in you? As an initial step toward improved emotional awareness, journal these insights.

Use healthy emotional expression.
Finding constructive ways to communicate your emotions.

come after you have mastered, the ability to recognize the mental and bodily indicators of your emotions.

Expression of emotions is important, since holding back or repressing them can have negative effects, like despair or anxiety. There are numerous constructive and beneficial ways to express your emotions.

Recognize that both good and negative emotions are necessary.

People enjoy sharing their happiness, enthusiasm, and affection. However, suppressing negative feelings could seem like the proper course of action. Because you may have been taught that expressing anger, humiliation, or irritation was improper, you may push these emotions away. Storing your feelings won’t make them go away; on the contrary, it’s possible that doing so will make them worse. Suppressed emotions may be a factor in mental health issues like sadness or anxiety.

How to manage your emotions  by NelsonOtieno

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