“30 days ultimatum,” Raila says.

30 days ultimatum, Raila says


Raila Odinga, the opposition leader, now wants the bipartisan discussions, between his Azimio coalition and the ruling Kenya Kwanza Alliance, which sparked protests against the government, to be completed within 30 days.

Following its agreement to postpone planned mass action, the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition said Thursday that talks should begin immediately.


The opposition leader made the demand following a meeting with Azimio’s seven-member negotiating team.

“When we announced another suspension of our protests yesterday, we said we would summon our seven-member delegation to the bipartisan talks for debriefing and fresh instructions,” Azimio said in a statement read out by DAP-K party chairman Eugene Wamalwa.

“30 days ultimatum,” Raila says.

“We have instructed our delegates to make it clear that we want these talks to be concluded within 30 days of the start date.” We have also stated unequivocally that our youths who have been arrested and arraigned on fabricated charges must be unconditionally released before to the negotiations.”

The Azimio conference agreed to approach the talks with a focus on the interests of the country.


“We want the government to step in and lower the cost of basic commodities and services such as food, fuel, electricity, and school fees.” “We want the subsidies that were cut back restored so that unga (maize flour) can be sold for Sh100 or less,” Mr Wamalwa added.


The opposition MPs reiterated their demands for the talks, namely that they not be limited to Parliament.

They stated, “We still believe the talks cannot be driven entirely and exclusively through a parliamentary process,” in reference to participation. There must be a way to be inclusive and permit participants from outside of Parliament to participate in the discussions. In our opinion, such a structure will open up a conversational space for other unresolved constitutional issues, Mr. Wamalwa added.


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