Pastor Ezekiel addresses his followers

After being released from custody, Pastor Ezekiel addresses


Pastor Ezekiel Odero expressed gratitude to his followers for praying for him when he was being held by the police.


He acknowledged that he was unable to speak about what he was going through but expressed gratitude to God for it.


On Thursday, he addressed in front of Shanzu Law Courts shortly after being let go.

Ezekiel was granted parole under the earlier decision on the condition that he report to a police station once per week or as instructed by State.


Additionally, he was told not to bring up the Shakahola problem.

Pastor Ezekiel addresses his followers

The pastor of the New Life Prayer Center and the church welcomed the attendees for a service.


Asante sana. Na mimi nasema. We are a jumapili na ibada. He said, “Tutoe ibada ya shukrani.”


(I give thanks. Sunday, let’s hold a service. A Thanksgiving service is held here).

He then pronounced a blessing over them.

“May the Almighty God grant you blessings. He responded, “I can’t tell you how, but each of you in His own manner.

He asked God to keep them safe as he prayed for the gathering that had assembled to welcome him.


He said, “Jumapili ijayo iwe ni Jumapili iliyoojaa nyota.”


The pastor was freed after posting a Sh3 million bond or Sh1.5 million in cash bail.


Among other things, Ezekiel is charged with crimes against humanity and money laundering.

Pastor Ezekiel addresses his followers

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