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KK Senator Reveals Why Ruto Has Started Giving In To Raila’s Demand.

KK Senator Reveals Why Ruto Has Started Giving In To Raila’s Demand.


The most recent was when Raila Odinga’s Azimio made demands of and pressured Eldas to remove Adan Keynan from its negotiating team.

Kenya Kwanza now asserts that it is only acting in the best interests of the nation and can save it the protests that Azimio has been urging.

President William Ruto’s camp claims that it is prepared to make compromises in order to further national stability and development.

“As we have always stated, we are willing to bend over backwards for the progress of the country, national unity, and the stability of the nation,” Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, the majority leader in the Senate, stated.

Kenya Kwanza applauds Azimio’s decision to call off tomorrow’s protests and give dialogue a chance, the senator from Kericho stated.

“In the event that Kenya Kwanza recuses Eldas Member of Parliament Adan Keynan, we appreciate the conciliatory tone taken by our Azimio counterparts to engage in negotiations and halt the planned street demonstrations,” he stated.

Kimani Ichung’wah, the majority leader of the National Assembly, notified Azimio that, contrary to Kenya Kwanza’s initial position, which stated that only lawmakers may engage in the negotiations, Azimio may now include non-parliamentarians on its team.

It recently gave up its stance that the negotiations must take place in parliament in response to pressure from Azimio, which led to the team meeting in neutral locations.

Azimio resumed its protests after Kenya Kwanza added Keynan, a representative of the opposition alliance, to Ruto’s negotiating team, accusing him of being unreliable in the negotiations.

The IEBC servers have been opened, the cost of living has decreased, and Azimio wants to stop politicians from switching parties, among other things.

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