You Think This Maandamano Has No End Game ? Just Wait And See Murathe Warns.

You Think This Maandamano Has No End Game ? Just Wait And See Murathe Warns.



The much tight lipped Jubilee confidants have started to get involved in the political situations in the country, with the former president Uhuru Kenyatta storming the jubilee party in an attempt to restore calmness with the vice chair David Murathe asserting new measures the party is undertaking.

The outspoken jubilee administrator through an interview with the standard assured their party faithfuls that they’ll not allow any external aggression to infiltrate their political unit for their own gains.

That at the moment the party is developing a framework aimed at punishing members that have pledged allegiance to Kenya Kwanza Coalition and on the other hand they claim to be members of the former ruling party.

Touching on the demonstration, Murathe for the first time revealed that their stand on the demonstration is that Jubilee is in full support of Odinga’s Course which they believe it ain’t for personal gains but a fight for the citizenry against an illegitimate government.

That those critics who think the demonstration are aimlessly conducted should rethink their positions as they’ll be surprised.

Scaling down he asserted that the Azimio demonstration has an end game, that whatever is being witnessed now shall soon come to pass the chair indicating they’ve schemed how it’ll end.

Furthermore he insisted that President William Ruto would be lucky enough to complete his term and even if he does the 5 year term would be enough for him as they believe they have the backing of the citizenry whom they believe wants the Kenya Kwanza regime out of office

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