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KUPPET SG Laments How Some Teachers Can’t Afford To Pay Rent .

KUPPET SG Laments How Some Teachers Can’t Afford To Pay Rent .



Kuppet secretary general Akello Misori.

The high cost of living currently being experienced in the country has cought the attention of Kenya Union of post primary education teachers secretary general Akello Misori.

Speaking to K24 on Tuesday Morning, Misori lamented that some teachers who teach in big cities like Nairobi can’t afford rent around the areas where they teach.

According to Misori, these teachers are oftentimes Forced to travel long distances in a bid to get cheap houses in far flung areas.

Nevertheless, the benefit have been watered down by the high cost of fuel which has seen the cost of transport rise to extremely high levels.

He blamed the difficult lives that teachers are facing on the failure by the employer teachers service commission to review the CBA 2021 so that it can have a Salary component that would have cushioned teachers Against inflation.

“The issue we are currently having is that since 2021, things have not remained the same, we had agreed in our collective bargaining agreement that the CBA we signed would be reviewed midway. That is our mandate, which is to champion for the rights of the people we represent”, Misori told told k24.

Its worth noting that teachers Unions signed with TSC a Nonmonetary CBA in 2021 that saw maternity and paternity days increased but not salary to the chargrin of classroom teachers who got a raw deal in the 2017 CBA that largely benefited school administrators.

It now remains to be seen whether the unions will ever strike a salary deal with TSC to appease teachers who are currently struggling with inflation that has reduced their purchasing Power greatly.

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