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Fear After Over 300 Persons Are Reported Missing After Shakahola Visit.

Fear After Over 300 Persons Are Reported Missing After Shakahola Visit.



Kenyans have been left with so many unanswered questions after two Pastors were found to have left hundreds of people to die under some unclear circumstances.

According to sources, Pastor Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church and his close ally Tycoon Ezekiel Odero have been working closely leading to the mass graves at Shakahola Forest in Kilifi County.

Reportedly indicate that Mackenzie has been urging innocent kenyans to fast to death to meet their maker in paradise.

On the other hand, Tycoon ans pastor Ezekiel Odero has been ferrying bodies of worshipers who died at his church to Shakahola for burial.

Currently over 100 bodies have been exhumed with the media kept off the scene raising more questions than answers as to what the government could be hiding.

In another shocking twist, over 370 persons have been reported missing after touring the famous Shakahola Forest in Kilifi where pastor Mackenzie owned a church.

According to CitizenTVKe, a man is searching for two missing daughters, Ngutia says children forced to join cult in Malindi

Ngutia: “My wife abducted children at Malava home”

Reportedly indicate that over 400 families search for missing relatives who mysteriously vanished after joining Mackenzie’s Cult.

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