Pastor Ezekiel Grilled

Pastor Ezekiel Grilled about mysterious deaths 



Pastor Ezekiel Grilled about mysterious deaths, related to cultic worship at the Coast on Tuesday.


The man of God recorded a statement with Kilifi DCI on Tuesday, April 25.


“Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Centre and Church today recorded a statement with police over allegations of indoctrination of faithful. He recorded the statement with the police”.

Police also visited Milele Funeral Home in Mavueni, Kilifi County, a morgue near Pastor Ezekiel’s church, and interrogated the management on critical issues centred around alleged cultic operations at the Coast.

Milele Funeral Home CEO, Johnson Amani Kea, stated that they responded to police queries on the number of dead bodies the morgue collected from Pastor Ezekiel’s church.

He also clarified that the funeral home did not file a complaint with the police as alleged, but only aided the police in investigations.


“We did not file a complaint. The police are in the process of recording statements on how many bodies we have handled so far from pastor Ezekiel’s church.


“We have given our statements to the police, in respect to that, as required by law. We have not lodged a complaint against Pastor Ezekiel. Police are just doing their investigations, period.”

Kithure Kindiki claims


On Tuesday, April 25, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki confirmed that police officers were investigating other flamboyant preachers whose teachings appeared contrary to what the Law advocates for.


“We have opened an inquiry into another preacher based here in Kilifi, and we are getting crucial leads that will soon help us make logical conclusions.


“Any faith that kills people or engages in criminal activities in the name of religion must be stopped, and this is the time to stop these charlatans,” Kindiki assured.

Investigations into the life and doctrines of Pastor Ezekiel Odero came against the backdrop of the Shakahola massacre, in which over 90 bodies were exhumed and over 30 people were rescued while starving themselves to death.


Controversial Pastor, Paul Mackenzie was arrested, with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji recommending the following charges; terrorism, genocide, radicalisation and aiding individuals to kill themselves.

Pastor Ezekiel

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